Highway 1 Status in Big Sur

This winter’s rains brought essential drought relief to the Central Coast and the rest of California, but they also brought destruction. Several portions of Highway 1 in Big Sur are currently blocked by landslides and the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge outage. This happens every couple of decades, and when it does it’s a serious inconvenience for visitors and a body-blow for businesses and residents. The landslides are estimated to be cleared by May 1, while the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge, about an hour south of Monterey, will be out until its replacement is built this fall.


For the most up-to-date information on road conditions, I highly recommend the Caltrans map. It displays the location of blockages and estimated clearing times. For now, Big Sur is still well worth a visit, but just be aware that you can only see the northern and southern ends – there’s no route all the way through. Stay tuned for progress updates on this developing story.

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