The Central Coast TravelerI’m Scott Hanning, an avid traveler and fan of California’s Central Coast.  I’ve been to four continents, but my favorite destination in the world is the area between Monterey and Santa Barbara.  I’ll show you all the best places, people, and experiences the Central Coast has to offer.   You can also follow me on Twitter @centralcoastrav.

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  1. Hi Scott. Thanks for your great website. I look at it everyday. We love the central coast and have used it as a refuge for the last 30 years from our home in orange county. Continued best and, once again, muchas gracias….. Brownie

  2. So excited to find your blog……heading out to California next week & truly wish I would of spent more time planning…..feel much better now that I found you!!!

    We have a 9 year old & very excited about all the cool scenery

    Basically we have one week. We fly into to SFO Sat & have a night Alcatraz night tour planned…..staying the night in Fisherman’s Wharf (have this reservation) . Hope to do a Golden Gate bike ride Sunday then hit the road.

    Plan on doing the Central Coast from Sunday eve to Wed/Thurs…..from your blog definitely going to do Monterey Aquarium, Santa Barbara (I am a shopaholic), & SLO….HAVE to do Big Sur….we have not made any hotel reservations for these 4 days in hopes to play by ear but looks like many of these cool places are going to be booked up……We are not big hikers, but are so excited to see all the beauty here…..not sure where to fit in the Woods here without back tracking??

    We have over planned trips before & are trying not to over think this one

    We do have reservations in Disneyland Thurs/Fri & would like to spend the Wed night near Santa Monica…..really want to to check out Universal Studios

    I appreciate all your comments about kids getting bored in certain towns that may be on the more romantic side…..

    I feel kinda of guilty not having a better detailed itinerary……can you help to spice this up please??!!:)


  3. Scott, 9 Central Coast restaurants will compete for the best soups around on 9/9/12 at Camp Ocean Pines in Cambria. Now how Central Coast is that? Soups! Wines! Authors and Art! Can I send you a nice story about how a bunch of Friends of the Elephant Seal docents came together and created a unique fundraiser to help our organization keep the gazillion visitors at Piedras Blancas up to date on the northern elephant seals and their place in our marine environment? Charmaine soupabration@live.com

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