Central Coast Modern Architecture Tour

Yesterday the Central Coast Traveler asked you to identify this mystery building. It’s a classic mid-century modern gem in downtown San Luis Obispo: the 1956 Kundert Medical Building on Pacific Street, designed by the iconic modern architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright is known for his residences, since he created some of the first “open concept” homes, a style that’s so in-demand today.

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Linn’s Pie Taste Test: Fresh v. Frozen

The Central Coast Traveler loves Linn’s pies. Linn’s is one of the best things about Cambria. After having a Linn’s pie, I’m often disappointed by other pies, because they’re not Linn’s. If the trip to Cambria is too far and you’d like to sample their amazing baked goods, their online store sells many of their product selections nationwide. The online pies are shipped frozen and ready to bake. You may ask: “can a frozen pie really be that great?” The Traveler, purely in the interests of good journalism, has tested both for you.

The Fresh Linn’s Pie

$15 at their storefront in Cambria. 56 ounces (1.6kg) of heaven. Perfect flaky crust, and dense fruit filling with just the right hint of sweetness from sugar and cinnamon.

The pie looked like this for about five minutes. All gone now.

The Frozen Linn’s Pie

$12 for one at my local grocery store, but the minimum online order is two pies for $76 within California. Elsewhere in the US shipping charges will be higher because they’re packed in dry ice and sent via 2-day air.

Linn’s pie in the box. It didn’t stay that way for long.

Out of the box, the pie looked expertly crafted. Be sure to follow the package directions and brush the crust with a whole beaten egg to enable perfect browning.

Linn’s frozen pie out of the box.

An hour later…

Linn’s frozen pie after 60 minutes in the oven. Mmm.

It was just as good as the fresh version. Rich, dense filling, and that amazing flaky crust. You’d be proud to serve this to guests. If you can’t make it to Cambria, bring a little Cambria home with you by ordering a Linn’s pie.

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